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Message from the Head of Barker College

Barker College is committed to the protection of individuals who wish to report, in good faith, instances or allegations of unlawful or unacceptable behaviour occurring either within or outside Barker but which are related to Barker, its staff members, students, volunteers, contractors, external providers or members of our wider community.

The School has already provided a Confidential Help Line (1800 732 296) and concerns@barker email address for ease of contact.

To further assist those who may wish to raise a concern, in conjunction with Whispli, the School has initiated a new reporting process which will enable anyone wishing to speak out in a protected environment the opportunity to do so.

This highly confidential process has been set up to allow anonymity if preferred while still ensuring that the School can take any necessary action in relation to information being provided as may be appropriate.

Completing this Reporting Form will allow you to engage in a secure communication that can be completely anonymous should you choose. Once you have created your "Password" and submitted your Report, a "Report ID" number will be displayed on your screen. With these credentials, you can then click on the "Login to follow-up" button located on the top right corner of this Reporting Form to follow-up with the Case Manager.

Completing this Reporting Form will allow you to engage in a secure communication that can be completely anonymous should you choose.

I encourage you to use this form to report any known or suspected instances of any form of unlawful or unacceptable behaviour of which you are or may become aware.

Please note, if your concern is in regards to the Barker Buses, these are owned and operated by Forest Coach Lines. We will address any bus related concerns directly with Forest Coach Lines.

Yours sincerely

Phillip Heath
Head of Barker College